Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 11.01.2014
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

In this episode: Whitepod camping, the “Dolomiti Balloonfestival”, the Patissier of the Year, British designer Lee Broom, and "Misfit Models".

"Misfit Models"

Del Keens is a successful model, and has already starred in campaigns for major fashion brands such as Diesel and Levi's. Now, British-born Keens has founded his own agency in Berlin and finds truly unconventional models for his customers.

British Designer Lee Broom

Furniture and interior designer Lee Broom of Britain likes to combine modern and older retro looks. In fact, that is his signature style which has earned him popularity around the world. The products come from his studio in London’s trendy Shoreditch. He's especially famous for his lighting products, such as his 'Crystal Bulb'.

The "Dolomiti Balloonfestival"

We're in Dobbiaco in the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy where some of the continent's top balloonists are competing. Their balloons can climb to heights of up to 3000 meters which offer stunning views of the Dolomite Mountains. In fact, we check out the landscape by going up for a ride in Günther Binder's hot-air balloon.

The Patissier of the Year

The winning pastry chef at the "La Mer“ Restaurant at the A-Rosa Hotel on the northern German island of Sylt is Christian Hümbs. He takes soup ingredients and turns them into a dessert. For example, he even dares to combine cassis jelly and sourdough ice cream with curly-leaf parsley and cranberries.

Whitepod Camping

In the Swiss Alps there are accommodations that actually imitate igloos but are pre-fabricated and triple insulated. The Whitepods, as they are called, offer an exclusive experience.

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