Euromaxx Highlights | Euromaxx - Lifestyle in Europe | DW | 23.02.2013
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Euromaxx Highlights

Highlights of the Week

Coming up in this edition: Free skier Markus Eder, German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter and her foundations' stars, the metal sculptures of Martí Moreno, a London Fashion Week the creators of 'Antithesis' present a special assortment of mix-and-match wear, and the German book of etiquette by Baron Adolph Knigge,

Freeskier Markus Eder
Eder from northern Italy found downhill skiing too boring and he now goes off-piste as a freeskier for some amazing rides. We tagged along to see one of the top in his trade this time skiing at a competition in the Swiss Alps.

Music Prodigies
World-renowned German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter supports talented musicians through her foundation. One of them is cellist Maximilian Hornung.

Metal Sculptor Martí Moreno
We watch the Spaniard at work as he ingeniously creates haunting pieces of art by welding together metal nuts.

Antithesis Fashion
We're at London Fashion Week where we meet the founders of Antithesis, Renée Lacroix and Zahra Harper-Ash. They have a range of clothing based on just 10 pieces that can be combined to create 40 different looks. These are clothes for women with a social and environmental conscience who are too busy for fussy fashion.

225 Years of Knigge
Baron Adolph Knigge wrote his book "On Human Relations" in 1788 which eventually become an unofficial set of etiquette adopted by many Germans. We look at how important it is for Germans to be trained in proper manners, and we visit a course that does just that.

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