Euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 18.08.2012
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx highlights

In this edition: Dogs in Cars, Wagner for the masses, Brussels in bloom, Gamescom in Cologne, and Balloon Fiesta in Bristol.

Dogs in Cars

We all should know that leaving your dog or whatever pet you have in a car is a no-no. British photographer Martin Usborne has taken up the cause and has created a coffeebook called "The Silence of Dogs in Cars". A dog owner himself, he's shown us his method of getting his canine colleagues to pose for some very gripping shots.

Wagner for the Masses
German composer Richard Wagner wanted his operatic works available for the masses, and so the Bayreuth Festival was founded in 1876. However, it's become a bit pricy with tickets costing almost 300 euros - and a long waiting list, to boot. So now there's a more affordable alternative. You can watch a live performance of "Parsifal" for a lot less and you don't have to be in Bayreuth to see it!

Brussels in Bloom
Every two years Brussels presents a display of hundreds of thousands of flowers. This year begonias cover the Grand Place area, looking just like a carpet, and this time the flowery tribute goes to Africa.

Gamescom in Cologne
Computer games are all the range, especially in Germany where some 25 million people spend time playing them - and about 44 percent of them are women! The Gamescom Trade fair in Cologne is showing the latest games on the market and we went to push a few buttons.

Balloon Fiesta in Bristol
Up to a hundred hot air balloons floated over Bristol, England, as part of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. The event started in 1979 and is now one of Europe's largest hot air balloon festivals.

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  • Date 18.08.2012
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