EU threatens Honduras with sanctions | World| Breakings news and perspectives from around the globe | DW | 15.09.2009
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EU threatens Honduras with sanctions

Following June's presidential coup, the EU ramps up pressure on the de facto Honduran government to reinstate ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

Supporters of Honduras' ousted President Manuel Zelaya protest in front of the Supreme Justice Court in Tegucigalpa.

Many Hondurans want ousted President Manuel Zelaya back

The EU has increased pressure on the de facto Honduran government, warning that the regime will face sanctions if a peaceful solution is not found to the crisis triggered by the June coup to overthrow President Manuel Zelaya.

A statement approved by EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels said the 27-nation bloc would continue to restrict political contacts with the de facto government.

Exiled President Manuel Zelaya is pictured in silhouette, wearing his trademark cowboy hat.

Zelaya has the backing of both the EU and the US

"Until a peaceful settlement is found, the EU will stand ready to take further restrictive measures including targeting those members of the de facto government who are seen to be blocking progress on a negotiated solution," the ministers said in a statement.

On Tuesday the U.N. Human Rights Council decided not to permit the Geneva-based ambassador of Honduras to attend its proceedings, since it regards him as the representatuve of the post-coup government that few countries recognise as legitimate. The envoy, J. Delmer Urbizo, was asked to leave the United Nations hall after other Latin American states said he represented an "illegal" regime.

The United States has cut more than $30 million (20.5 million euros) in aid to the poor Central American country and revoked de facto leader Roberto Micheletti's visa to pressure him to step down and reinstate exiled Zelaya.


Editor: Susan Houlton

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