EU nabs more dangerous products at borders | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 23.03.2015
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EU nabs more dangerous products at borders

EU authorities are becoming more skilled at keeping risky products from landing in the hands of unwitting consumers. Most of the dubious goods discovered come from China, and that's not a new trend at all.

The European Commission says authorities in the EU are becoming more successful at stemming the tide of dangerous products seeking markets in Europe.

In 2014, the EU's so-called Rapid Alert System issued 2,435 notifications to member states of non-food products that pose a potential threat to consumers.

That number represents a 3-percent jump over the total from the previous year.

"Every product in Europe needs to be safe for our citizens," EU Justice and Consumer Protection Commissioner Vera Jourova said in a statement. "Over the years, [our system] has proven to be very efficient in keeping European consumers safe."

China in the lead

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Toys and textile items accounted for slightly over half of the notifications issued. Common threats involved the use of dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing of products such as shoes, toys and childcare items.

Some 64 percent of the notifications were made on products seeking entry to the EU from China.

kc /hg (AFP/DPA)