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EU designates XNXX a very large online platform under DSA

July 10, 2024

The adult content platform has an average of 45 million users every month within the EU, a number that means it is above the Digital Services Act's "threshold for designation as a VLOP."

Symbolbild: EU Kommission | Brüssel, Belgien
Image: James Arthur Gekiere/dpa/Belga/picture alliance

The European Union has designated adult content website XNXX as a Very Large Online Platform (VLOP) under its Digital Services Act (DSA), the bloc said in a statement on Wednesday.

The decision was taken on the basis that the website has an average of 45 million users every month within the 27-nation bloc. This monthly figure "is above the DSA threshold for designation as a VLOP," the European Commission announced on its website.

Stringent rules for XNXX

Having deemed XNXX as a VLOP, the EU now requires it to share data with authorities, as well as undergo external and independent auditing.

The designation also means the EU's executive branch can impose fines for incorrect, incomplete, or misleading information.

"Following today's designation as a VLOP, XNXX will have to comply with the most stringent rules under the DSA within four months of its notification (i.e. by mid-November 2024). Such obligations include adopting specific measures to empower and protect users online, to prevent minors from accessing pornographic content online, including with age-verification tools, to provide access to publicly available data to researchers, and to publish a repository of ads."

"XNXX must also duly assess and mitigate any systemic risks stemming from their services, such as risks related to the dissemination of illegal content, or the negative effects on mental and physical well-being of the user. The designated platform must submit the first risk assessment report by mid-November 2024."

XNXX joins Pornhub, Stripchat and XVideos as VLOPs

The EU has already deemed three other adult platforms as VLOPs, namely Pornhub, Stripchat and XVideos.

"Today's designation brings the total designated VLOPSEs under the DSA to 25," according to the statement.

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Edited by: Louis Oelofse

John Silk Editor and writer for English news, as well as the Culture and Asia Desks.@JSilk