EU Budget Winners and Losers | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 08.09.2004
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EU Budget Winners and Losers

Who gets the most from and who pays the most into EU coffers? IN 2003, the Irish received just less than €400 each, and the Dutch paid €120 per person for their EU membership.

Ireland last year received the most EU funding per person, while the Netherlands paid in the most per capita, according to a report unveiled Tuesday by the European Commission. Four countries -- Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain -- were revealed to receive more money from the EU pot than they pay in. Each Irish citizen received just under €400 ($483) last year from EU funds. At the other end of the scale, Dutch citizens each paid in €120 into the EU coffers. Other net contributors were Sweden (€106 per citizen), Germany (€93), Belgium (€75), the UK (€46.5) and France (€32). Presenting the figures, Budgetary Commissioner Michaele Schreyer said whether a member state was a net contributor or a net recipient of EU funds, everyone gains in the end from EU membership through the economic and political benefits of belonging to the international bloc. (

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