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Ethel Brooks is the USA's first Romani woman professor

Nadine Mena Michollek in Washington
July 8, 2024

Despite experiencing anti-Roma racism as a child, Ethel Brooks has made it all the way to the top of her profession. She now teaches at one of America's leading universities.


Any Romani person who makes it to the top is well known within the global Romani community. And so it is with Ethel Brooks, the USA's first Romani woman professor.

Racism against Roma has been around for hundreds of years. Brooks herself experienced it firsthand growing up in the US.

Now a professor and chair of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Rutgers University, New Jersey, she seeks to empower and support not just Romani people but marginalized people in general by teaching people and providing knowledge that is fair, accurate and critical.


Correction, July 10, 2024: The title and teaser of this video previously stated that Ethel Brooks was the first Romani professor in the USA. She is in fact the first Romani woman professor in the USA. The current version has been corrected accordingly. We apologize for the error.