Erfurt – Barrier-free Travel | On Tour | DW | 01.10.2012
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On Tour

Erfurt – Barrier-free Travel

Cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and stairs can be serious obstacles for travelers with disabilities – but Erfurt, one of Germany’s largest medieval cities, is trying to improve accessibility...



... and make its attractions available to all visitors.

For travelers to Erfurt, a visit to the 6,000-square meter egapark and to the Old Synagogue, central Europe's oldest surviving synagogue, are not to be missed. Both sites are also largely barrier-free. The permanent exhibition on the life of Martin Luther at St. Augustine's Monastery is also accessible to disabled visitors. For the past 10 years, Erfurt’s city planners have been working to make these and other local attractions barrier-free. The city also offers opportunities for visitors with vision or hearing impairments to experience what Erfurt has to offer, including sightseeing tours in sign language, and a large model of the historic city center labeled in Braille.

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