Erdogan’s Offensive: Who Will Help the Kurds? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 01.02.2018
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Erdogan’s Offensive: Who Will Help the Kurds?

Kurdish fighters in the Syrian province of Afrin feel betrayed by the West. Until recently, they were heroes in the battle against Islamic State. Now they are under attack from NATO member Turkey. Caught between big players and power games: Who will help the Kurds? Our guests: Dilek Kurban (Hertie School of Governance), Eva Savelsberg (European Center for Kurdish Studies), Daniel Gerlach (Zenith).

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Our guests:

Dilek Kurban, Hertie School of Governance: "As the Turkish government violates international law in the name of counter-terrorism, the international community once again stands still."



Eva Savelsberg, European Center of Kurdish Studies: "The Syrian Kurds finally have to focus on their own political interests - the PKK/YPG only follows its own agenda and will not help them".




Daniel Gerlach, Middle East Magazine Zenith: "No player can pretend to be surprised: The US, some European countries, but also Russia created a set of false expectations. And they knew that this would happen."