Episode 50 – German as a Foreign Language | Radio D Teil 2 | DW | 25.09.2009
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Radio D Teil 2

Episode 50 – German as a Foreign Language

This time Jan is visiting a school that offers an unusual idea for a German project. He asks the pupils why they are learning German on top of their mother tongue, and what they want to do later in life.

A classroom with a man and pupils who are raising their hands.

Radio D Teil 02 Folge 50 Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Jan comes up with a report from a school that consists 80 percent of immigrants and presents them with an unusual German project. There he meets Vladimir, Yen-Lin and Gülseren who report about their experiences with two different languages and their difficulties in learning German.

The professor goes easy on listeners this time and limits himself to a short grammar lesson. He explains temporal phrases with the conjunction “bevor”, which mark an event in the past.

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