Episode 15 – Carnival Costumes | Radio D Teil 1 | DW | 27.09.2007
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Radio D Teil 1

Episode 15 – Carnival Costumes

From the streets, Paula and Philipp report on Carnival once again. They discover different kinds of costumes and even learn a few German dialects along the way.

Paula stands with scissors in her hand in front of a shadowed man with a chopped off tie

Radio D Teil 01 Folge 15 Karnevalskostüme

Back in the office, Paula takes revenge on Ayhan -- ironically by means of a Carnival custom. Then, amidst the celebration in the streets, Philipp and Paula report on the original costumes they see. They come across Papageno from Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute" and Icarus, a hero from Greek mythology.

Philipp and Paula meet people from different regions in Germany, who speak in their local dialects. Click on the link below to open DW-WORLD.DE's Dialect Atlas.

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