Episode 08 – Uncovering a Stranger | Radio D Teil 1 | DW | 27.09.2007

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Radio D Teil 1

Episode 08 – Uncovering a Stranger

At Neuschwanstein Castle, Paula and Philipp question the would-be King Ludwig. Paula stumbles on an interesting discovery and finds a clue as to who the mysterious stranger really is.

Paula looks surprised

Radio D Teil 01 Folge 08 Die Enttarnung

The two journalists talk the allegedly resurrected King Ludwig into doing a live interview. His real identity remains a mystery, however. When Paula returns to the office, she sees a television commercial that tips her off. The voice in the ad sounds strangely familiar.

You can't express preferences without saying what or whom you like. The verb "lieben" takes an accusative object. In this episode you will be introduced to the accusative case.

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