Episode 05 – King Ludwig Lives! | Radio D Teil 1 | DW | 27.09.2007
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Radio D Teil 1

Episode 05 – King Ludwig Lives!

Paula and Ayhan welcome their new co-worker to Radio D. They already have a pressing assignment: The late King Ludwig of Bavaria is supposedly still alive and the teams wants to investigate.

Paula and Philipp are talking

Radio D Teil 01 Folge 05 König Ludwig lebt

Philipp meets his new co-workers Paula and Ayhan, as well as the eccentric Josefine, who is responsible for order in the office. There's not much time, though, since Philipp and Ayhan already have their first story. It is rumored that the legendary King Ludwig II of Bavaria is alive, even though he was supposed to have died under mysterious circumstances in 1886. The two journalists go to Neuschwanstein Castle to investigate and make a spooky acquaintance.

Mysterious matters raise plenty of questions. In this episode, you can take a closer look at question words and responses.

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