Episode 01 – A Visit to the Countryside | Radio D Teil 1 | DW | 27.09.2007
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Radio D Teil 1

Episode 01 – A Visit to the Countryside

Philipp, a young man, drives to the countryside to visit his mother Hanne. He plans to relax there, but soon finds out that the idyllic country landscape has its down-sides as well.

Philipp visits his mother in the country

Radio D Teil 01 Folge 01 Besuch auf dem Land

"Nature, how nice!" says Philipp as he arrives at his mother's home in the countryside, where he would like to spend some time away from it all. Cats and cows aren't the only creatures he finds, however. While he innocently drinks a cup of coffee in the garden, annoying insects rob Philipp of the peace and quiet he'd been hoping for -- and then things get a bit more painful for poor Philipp.

Even if your German vocabulary isn't very extensive yet, you will still be able to understand the episode. The background noises make it clear where Philipp is. In this episode, you'll learn greetings and farewells.

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