Environment Podcast: On the Green Fence | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 01.07.2020
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Environment Podcast: On the Green Fence

Hosts Neil King and Gabriel Borrud are forced to improvise amid the COVID-19 crisis. As the world is turned upside down, they decide to explore whether the pandemic could be a catalyst for real and sustainable change.

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SE 02 / Episode 1: Transforming our world

Series 2: The coronavirus crisis - a catalyst for real change?

With humanity hunkered down trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Neil and Gabriel reflect on some of the historic changes we've witnessed during these past few months. If we are indeed capable of such sweeping change, what does this mean for our species as we face the future of our sweltering planet? And more importantly: How do we change?

As they are barred from reporting and travelling amid the lockdown, Neil and Gabriel set up shop in the disinfected DW studio and conduct a series of in-depth interviews with leading experts and visionaries about how we can turn the coronavirus crisis into something good for our planet. Their approach: Don't let ideological baggage or face masks get in the way of an honest and open chat.

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Your OTGF hosts: 

Gabriel Borrud was born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, and after hanging up his golf clubs and dashed dreams of going pro, he attended Yale University. He studied philosophy and German and following graduation, he set off for the land of "Dichter und Denker". 

Gabriel joined DW in 2008 and has worked as a reporter for radio and online ever since.

Neil King was born to British parents in southern Germany. He studied journalism and history in Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. Neil has worked as a reporter, host and editor for DW since 2007. He joined the environment section in 2019.

Neil and Gabriel have won international radio and podcast awards for their work. 


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