Enjoying free time | Open your heart - Artikel | Open your heart | DW | 26.09.2016

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Open your heart - Artikel

Enjoying free time

Germans work a lot, but free time is also very important to them. In their free time many Germans play sports, meet with friends and family or just relax with a good book.

Free Time

Normally, people in Germany work Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the weekend, most Germans use their time to relax and regenerate after a week of work. On Sunday most stores and supermarkets are closed. If you take a walk through German cities on Sunday, sometimes it seems like everyone is at home in bed.

Barbequing with friends or partying in the club

Germans like to spend their free time with friends and family. For example, they make plans to eat together at home or in restaurants. In summer a lot of people enjoy barbeques in the park. In winter people go to the museum, to the movies, the theater or go see live music. Many people also enjoy staying home and relaxing with a good book.

On the weekends young people go to bars and clubs to dance and have a good time together. Drinking alcohol like beer and cocktails is usually a part of this. Young people in Germany are allowed to buy and consume beer and wine when they are 16. They can first purchase stronger liquor like rum, whisky or vodka when they are 18.

Sports and making friends

Being active and playing sports has big place in German life. Germans like to ride bicycles, go swimming, hiking or jogging. Some are members of a gym or an athletic club. These clubs offer almost any sport like volleyball, basketball or football. Playing sports is good for your health and is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Men and women normally play sports and exercise together in gyms and athletic clubs. But there are also gyms and athletic clubs only for women.

Athletic clubs – an affordable alternative to the gym

Memberships in athletic clubs are often more affordable than a gym. Athletic clubs are also a good option for children because they can stay for years in the same club. It offers them a stable social environment and a way to have fun while being active. You can find out more about athletic clubs on your city’s official website.

Along with sports and other entertainment, many Germans maintain their own customs and traditions. Rifle clubs are popular all over Germany and every year they organize large folk festivals and parades where people celebrate and party together. Often members wear uniforms typical for their region, sometimes with a decorative rifle.

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