End impunity for atrocities against journalists: a way forward | Program | DW | 24.03.2015
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End impunity for atrocities against journalists: a way forward

Hosted by Reporters without Borders
Tuesday, June 23 / Room F/G

Violence against journalists is on the rise around the world. Journalists are publically beheaded by extremists or increasingly find themselves targeted when documenting crimes against humanity in warzones. In many countries, reporters are targets for both violent criminal groups like drug cartels or governmental secret services. They are tortured, murdered, or simply disappear. New threats are also arising in the digital realm: targeted surveillance directed against journalists conducted by state and non-state actors alike is now mainstream and not only limited to digital journalists. Too often, the perpetrators go unpunished.

All these threats demand a more concerted effort by the international community to combat them. Reporters Without Borders supports plans to install a special adviser to the UN Secretary General on the protection of journalists in order to better implement the UN plan of action on the safety of reporters. The panel will discuss shortcoming in implementation of current efforts and aims to provide a coherent and up-to-date picture of emerging threats against journalists.

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