Empowering women in emerging economies | Global Media Forum | DW | 27.06.2017
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Global Media Forum

Empowering women in emerging economies

hosted by TUI Group

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Diversity in the labor market is one of the century's key policy issues. This panel looks at how gender influences the working experiences of men and women differently, as seen through the lens of the tourism industry. As female empowerment drives economic development, diversity in the labor market should enhance the economic situation in developing and emerging countries. Panelists will look at the example of tourism to see which opportunities exist and where there is more work to be done. They consider the social development that tourism can bring about while providing examples of hands-on approaches.



Waslat Hasrat-Nazimi - Moderator, Deutsche Welle, Germany


Thomas Ellerbeck - Member of the Group Executive Committee TUI Group

Cantal Bakker - Director Pikalabikes

Kathrin Hartkopf - Head of Plan Foundation Management

Madi Sharma - Member, European Economic and Social Committee, Belgium

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