Eltz Castle, near Koblenz | DW Travel | DW | 13.02.2017
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Eltz Castle, near Koblenz

For many Eltz Castle near Koblenz is the epitome of a knight's castle. It reflects different ages as building work went on for 500 years.

For 34 generations Counts of Eltz have lived here. It was first mentioned in official records in 1157 when Emperor Frederick I. Barbarossa issued a deed of donation, which was signed and sealed by Rudolf von Eltz as one of the witnesses. At this time he resided in a small castle complex next to the Eltzbach a neighboring valley to the Moselle. Over the years his descendants continued to work and build the castle. Ultimately some 100 family members lived here along with their staff, in more than 100 rooms. Clever diplomacy over the centuries ensured that the castle was never destroyed. In its interior you can today admire 800 years of noble living culture. Also worth a visit is the treasury with its historical weapons as well as gold, silver and ivory goods.