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Fears that China overtaking car country Germany

June 20, 2024

As Germany falls in international competitiveness rankings, even its formerly venerable auto industry risks being surpassed by electric vehicles made in China. Are tariffs the answer? Our guests: Felix Lee, (China.Table); Beatrix Keim, (Car expert); Clifford Coonan (DW)

DW Sendung To The Point | Felix Lee
Image: DW


Felix Lee,

writes for the online website China.Table Professional Briefing. He has reported from Beijing as China correspondent for numerous German language media. 




DW Sendung To The Point | Cliffort Coonan
Image: DW


Clifford Coonan

is an editor and China analyst at DW, he previously served for over 15 years as the Irish Times China correspondent.




DW Sendung To The Point | Beatrix Keim
Image: DW


Beatrix Keim

is Director of Business Development & China at the CAR Center for Automotive Research.



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