Election Podcasts on DW-WORLD.DE | Newsletters & Co. | DW | 23.08.2005
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Newsletters & Co.

Election Podcasts on DW-WORLD.DE

Starting Wednesday, Deutsche Welle is offering podcasts of our election 2005 coverage. Listen to current and background information, analysis, interviews and features. Keep reading to find out more.


Catch up on news about Germany's election wherever you want

What's podcasting?

Podcasting allows you to download audio files in an MP3 format.

What's the point?

Podcasting gives you a chance to listen to selected DW-RADIO reports and features on the upcoming elections whenever you want, wherever you want. Choose the files you want to listen to and play them either on your computer or while you're traveling on your MP3 player.

What are the technical requirements?

To listen to a podcast, you need a computer with an Internet connection and a special software program. So-called podcatchers download the MP3 file for you and automatically transfer it to the MP3 player. Clients are available free of charge online.

For a listing of different podcatching software programs that are available, please paste the following URL into your Internet browser:


(Disclaimer: Deutsche Welle does not endorse the Podcastalley Web site nor any podchatcher software programs listed there.)

What do I need to use Deutsche Welle's podcast?

Every podcast comes with an RSS feed. These feeds were initially used in Weblogs (online diaries.) Now, an increasing number of news Web sites, including DW-WORLD.DE, offer such feeds. In order to use Deutsche Welle's podcast service, please enter the following URL into your podcatcher.


iTunes users please click here!

Conditions of Use

Deutsche Welle provides this podcast service free of charge for personal use only. The downloaded files may not be used for anything other than personal usage. The files may not be copied, manipulated or altered in any way; nor may they be published in any form of media. Commercial use of the files is strictly prohibited, as is the sale or use of the files for advertisement purposes.

Deutsche Welle is not responsible for the loss of data or any possible damage resulting from the downloading of the audio files.

Enjoy listening!

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