Effective media development - together | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 08.10.2012
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Effective media development - together

DW Akademie has joined the steering committee of the world's largest forum for media development cooperation and will be coordinating the work of the affiliated EU taskforce.

"Our participation will increase DW Akademie's international profile and networking opportunities with global media development players," says DW Akademie's Patrick Leusch. He heads the Project Development department and will represent DW Akademie on the Global Forum for Media Development's (GFMD) steering committee. The GFMD includes approximately 350 media development institutions, making it the largest network of its kind.

GFMD's annual world conference was held this year in Grahamstown, South Africa, together with Highway Africa - Africa's foremost online and Internet conference. The three-day "Africa Rising" conference focused on how media can support Africa's changing economic and geopolitical environment. The GFMD also looked at the future of media development cooperation.

In addition to its activities on the GFMD steering committee, DW Akademie will also coordinate the affiliated EU task force. "We'll contribute significantly to discussions with European institutions on the enormous potential of media support as it relates to development," says Leusch.

DW Akademie's Patrick Leusch is responsible for international networking, fundraising and developing strategic media projects worldwide. "As a leading global organization for media development, our membership on the steering committee will help strengthen this relatively new network."

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