Education for Principles of Diversity Reporting | Topics | DW | 02.03.2012
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Education for Principles of Diversity Reporting

27 June, 11:30 a.m., Room C
Hosted by
School of Journalism and Public Relations Skopje, Macedonia

The workshop will be focused on the basic principles of professional, inclusive, sensitive and responsible journalistic reporting as a contribution to mutual tolerance, dialogue and a better understanding of diversity.

Guidelines and recommendations on ways in which the media can better reflect diversity in their editorial and daily work will be discussed. The intention is to provide a general framework of rules and standards that are accepted in professional journalism worldwide. The presence of diversity in the editorial offices and in journalistic content is to be treated not only as a tool to attract new audiences to the media, but also as a process of finding creative, original and alternative ways of reporting on diversity in a society.

There will be an overview of the recommendations for reporting on: ethnic and religious differences, gender issues, sexual minorities, persons with special needs, the elderly, refugees and displaced persons, and people of different races.

Ways in which the media can promote diversity in society, as well as methods for establishing and maintaining the concept of diversity in editorial offices will be the focus of this workshop. The concept of peace through responsible and accountable journalism will also be addressed, aimed at encouraging resolution of different kinds of conflict.


Micevski, Igor
Producer, Journalist, BBC World Service, London, United Kingdom

Tuneva, Marina
Lecturer, School of Journalism and Public Relations Skopje, Macedonia