East Frisia – Winter on the North Sea | Discover Germany | DW | 01.12.2012
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Discover Germany

East Frisia – Winter on the North Sea

Sonne, Wind und lange Spaziergänge an menschenleeren Stränden. Auch in der kalten Jahreszeit lässt es sich auf den ostfriesischen Inseln gut leben und Urlaub machen.

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Now is the perfect time for island stories. And Bucki Begemann, a native of the island of Borkum, has plenty of them to tell on his tours. On the nearby island of Juist, we take a walk through the tidal flats and go searching for cockles and lugworms. A traditional pastime in the region is the game of bosseln, which involves throwing rubber or wooden balls as far as possible. And shivering a bit isn't so bad when there are great ways to warm up. Like in Norderney, where the beach restaurant White Dunes, with its inviting fireplace, stays open through the winter.