East Frisia – Seals, Tea and Windmills | On Tour | DW | 20.01.2014
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On Tour

East Frisia – Seals, Tea and Windmills

East Frisia is fascinating, with its broad vistas, windmills and towns rich in tradition. And if you really like remote seclusion in the off-tourist season, just head for one of the seven East Frisian islands.

A moated castle in Dornum

A moated castle in Dornum

Numerous typical brick buildings adorn the town center of Norden. St. Ludger's, the largest medieval church in East Frisia, stands on the market square. Just opposite, in the Tea Museum, you can find out all about the tradition of tea-drinking in East Frisia and witness an authentic tea ceremony.

Seven islands lie off the coast of East Frisia. The largest is Borkum, popular for spa holidays. In the winter, it's especially quiet on the island. A stroll along the beach promenade and a visit to the island museum are very worthwhile.

In the 14th century, warlike chieftains who made alliances with pirates ruled in East Frisia, Several of their old castles can still be seen, among them the Beningaburg and a moated castle in Dornum.

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