Eagles of Death Metal return to Paris stage after attacks | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 08.12.2015
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Eagles of Death Metal return to Paris stage after attacks

Members of the Eagles of Death Metal band have made a powerful and emotional appearance in Paris after the terror attacks on November 13. The band was performing at the Bataclan concert hall, where 89 people died.

"Nothing left except to introduce you to some people whose lives will be forever part of Paris. These are our brothers, they were robbed of their stage three weeks ago," U2's Bono told the audience, referring to the Eagles of Death Metal, whose last performance in Paris (pictured above) took place on November 13, the day of the terror strikes.

The Eagles of Death Metal took over the stage, with lead singer Jesse Hughes performing a version of Patti Smith's "People have the power" and their own song, "I love you all the time."

The band tweeted a picture of their show:

Fans of the two rock bands posted statements on Twitter, applauding the two bands' gesture on Monday evening.

Fans draped in French flags thronged to the venue despite heavy security after France declared a state of emergency following the terror strikes on November 13.

Nearly 130 people died in coordinated attacks in Paris, including the Bataclan concert hall where the band was performing three weeks ago. 89 people died, and the band members escaped narrowly.

The band's co-founder and frontman of the Queens of the Stone Age band, Josh Homme, said the Eagles of Death Metal wanted to be the first band to perform in Bataclan when the theater reopened.

mg/jr (Reuters, AP)

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