Dw_stories goes Instagram | Press | DW | 07.05.2021
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Dw_stories goes Instagram

On Monday, May 10, DW will launch the account dw_stories on Instagram. With a focus on personal and empowering stories from people around the world, dw_stories is already successful on Facebook.

Varanasi die heiligste Stadt Indien

India is one of the target countries of dw_stories.

Dw_stories Instagram features protagonists who are "making a difference," both big and small. The people portrayed on the account range from powerful politicians like the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to a young woman who escaped an attempted murder by her partner and today fights against femicide.

"Our target group is young, predominantly female and interested in social issues. They are very interested in stories of people who change their own lives or the lives of others for the better," says Anja Brockmann, DW Head of Stories and Analysis. "Our followers can share and discuss their own experiences on topics like equality and tolerance in the community." Other topics are freedom of expression, democracy and social participation.

The account dw_stories aims to deliver encouragement and entertainment to its international audience. As with the Facebook account of the same name, the community helps to shape dw_stories, which offers a forum of constructive discussion, support and inspiration for users. The main target countries are the USA and India.