DW′s TV highlights in June | Press | DW | 22.05.2020
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DW's TV highlights in June

This month's highlights include a documentary on Russia beyond Putin and Moscow, Beethoven's nature-inspired Sixth Symphony and a look at an "out of the ordinary" holiday destination in northern Spain.

DW Film Menschen in Russland (DW/J. Rescheto)

A scene from the documentary film The Russians. Viktor Kazantsev from Kirov keeps himself feeling young by making his own clothes.

The Russians

Vladimir Putin has governed Russia for 20 years; he personifies the nation. But what about the lives of Russians far away from Moscow and the Kremlin? What motivates those living in the Urals, Siberia, or the Arctic Circle? What are the ambitions of the young, and the concerns of the old? What makes some people critical of the government, and others pro-Kremlin? The two-part documentary The Russians – Russia Beyond Putin and Moscow shines a light on a nation of contrasts. Tune in, starting June 11.

Life on Mars - Expedition (Astroland)

Tourists can now experience Mars in northern Spain

Holiday on Mars

Looking for a travel destination that’s truly out of the ordinary? How about Mars? Not on the planet itself, of course; the round-trip would take too long. But there's a place in northern Spain that gets close to the full-on Mars experience. Euromaxx reporter Axel Primavesi traveled to the Astroland Space Center in Cantabria to train for his very own mission to Mars. Starting June 6.

The Cleaners 

Social media can have a major impact on world affairs – but who decides what the world gets to see? In the Philippines, tens of thousands of content moderators work on behalf of companies including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, viewing vast amounts of photos and videos every day. They remove inappropriate material from our timelines, and make important decisions in a matter of seconds. A single error can have devastating consequences. Starting June 8, DW presents a two-part documentary: The Cleaners – Social Media’s Shadow Industry.

The Mennonites

The “Little Belize” colony in Central America appears frozen in time. A community of Mennonites lives just as it did 200 years ago, in self-imposed isolation. They travel in horse-drawn carts and speak an archaic form of Low German long forgotten in Europe. But progress is gradually making itself felt. The documentary The Mennonites takes a closer look at the lives of these evangelical Christians. Starting June 23.

Forward to the Future

Globalization needs a rethink, because it leaves too many negatives in its wake: natural resources are being exploited, people are fleeing political conflicts and economic hardship, and the poorest pay the highest price – by becoming commodities themselves. In new episodes of the series Founders' Valley starting June 2, DW profiles social entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Nepal who are campaigning for better education, equal opportunities, and sustainable business. 

Inspired by Nature

Betty G. - Äthiopische Sängerin (Privat)

Ethiopian pop artist Betty G.

This year, the world celebrates the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. With the 6th Symphony, the “Pastoral,” the composer expressed his romantic appreciation of Nature. Now, this work is the basis of the “Beethoven Pastoral Project," captured by Deutsche Welle in the documentary film Inspired by Nature. It presents five musicians and ensembles on five continents who are currently exploring the themes of nature and the environment. These artists include the viola player and composer Brett Dean, the Indian film score composer and Grammy award winner Ricky Kej, and the Ethiopian pop singer Betty G. Starting June 4.

London Calling

Stasi-Zentrale in Ost-Berlin -1985 (picture-alliance/D. Klar)

Stasi headquarters in East Berlin

During the Cold War, the BBC and East Germany conducted a propaganda war via radio. Named “Letters Without Signature”, the BBC program in German was aimed at people living in the GDR and was hugely popular for nearly 25 years. Listeners could write anonymous letters to the program, detailing their everyday worries, problems, and political views. As they wrote in using code words and false addresses, a game of cat-and-mouse developed between the BBC and the East German state security, the Stasi. Starting June 19, DW presents the documentary London Calling – Cold War Letters.

The Climate and the Arts

Getty Images/C. Koall

Author and climate activist Naomi Klein

Popstars and orchestras jet from continent to continent. For every art show, paintings and installations are flown around the globe. CO2 emissions created by TV and movie companies continue to grow. The culture industry’s carbon footprint is massive. This needs to change. Starting June 6, Arts.21 shows how this could be done. DW's culture magazine also meets up with globalization critic and environmental activist Naomi Klein.