DW′s Eurovision picks | Music | DW | 09.05.2017
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Eurovision Song Contest 2017

DW's Eurovision picks

42 countries, 42 songs: which ones are tops, and which are flops? DW's Eurovision Song Contest reporters Silke Wünsch and Rick Fulker reveal their personal favorites.

The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Kyiv, Ukraine will display the full range of European pop music - and it's getting ever narrower.

Ballad after ballad, electro pop song after electro pop song: the voices are sounding more and more alike, and the tried-and-true grand gestures, wind-blown dresses and high drama are as prevalent as ever.

This year, there are a striking number of solo female acts. But some of the songs do stand out, and some contestants are considered potential winners, like Francesco Gabbani of Italy, Blanche from Belgium and Salvador Sobral of Portugal. 

Our two ESC reporters Silke Wünsch and Rick Fulker have not only survived listening through this crop of talent - a total 126 minutes of music - but have both emerged from the experience with some clear personal favorites.

Do they agree with each other - and with the ESC's international audience? And where are they absolutely and totally wrong? You'll find the answers to those pressing questions in this gallery.

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