DW′s commitment to unbiased information | Press | DW | 21.05.2021
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DW's commitment to unbiased information

DW stands for independent, value-based reporting that fairly reflects diverse viewpoints. A message from DW's community managers.

The Middle East conflict currently dominates the headlines. A ceasefire has now been reached between Hamas and Israel – much to the relief of everyone everywhere. But the discussion about the conflict continues, on social media as well. It is a discussion about the appropriate journalistic approach to the topic, about those responsible for the conflict and about the victims, about objectivity and due diligence. In this context, fierce accusations have been made, including criticism against DW and its reporting.

For us as journalists at DW, one thing is very clear: We stand for independent, value-based reporting that fairly reflects the diversity of viewpoints.

This applies to our journalistic coverage of the conflict in the Middle East.

We report on the suffering of Palestinians; we inform about the suffering of people in Israel. We keep on top of the developing events. Our commitment is to unbiased information for free minds. We inform transparently and with respect for the dignity of life. No human life counts more than another for us.

When we report on the violence in the Middle East, what applies here is what always applies: The facts matter. We focus on them, and we communicate them to our audiences.

This is the credibility that our users around the world expect from us.