DW revamps English TV broadcast schedule  | Press Releases | DW | 25.01.2019
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Press Releases

DW revamps English TV broadcast schedule 

DW English programming is set to launch targeted regional daily news programs to appeal to audiences in Asia and Africa. The update to the English language broadcasting roster features new faces and new formats.

Beginning January 28, the broadcast schedule will be updated to include the new DW News Africa and DW News Asia Monday through Friday. Featuring a strengthened network of correspondents providing reporting from across both continents, the regionalization of the programs should enhance the broadcaster's attractiveness and relevance.

"I'm really excited about DW News Africa and DW News Asia," said Head of News Richard Walker. "They are much more than TV shows, they are vehicles for us to get closer than ever to our viewers and digital users on these incredibly important continents. The shows will report the news with DW's trusted journalistic standards and tell stories that matter in fresh new ways."

Local moderators broaden appeal

DW News Africa will be presented by Christine Mhundwa, who comes from CNBC Africa in Johannesburg, alternating with Eddy Micah Jr, who has his journalistic roots at Atlantis Radio, YFM Ghana and ETV Ghana. He also hosts the new youth show "The 77 Percent" on YouTube for DW.

Biresh Banerjee and Melissa Chan will be moderating DW News Asia. Chan most recently worked for The New York Times, while Banerjee spent many years in India with The Pioneer, TV Today Network and NewsX. 

'Arts and Culture' to revitalize culture reporting plus a new Euromaxx

DW is also strengthening its focus on news and information with programs including Business Asia and New Africa, as well as new culture and environment formats.  

Eco India, Sannuta Raghu, Moderatorin (Scroll.in)

Eco India presenter Sannuta Raghu

Eco India, an environmental magazine produced by DW with its Indian partner Scroll, will serve as a supplement to the existing Eco Africa, which is also co-produced with partners. Created by a joint German-Indian editorial team, Eco India will be moderated by Indian journalist Sannuta Raghu, who lives in Mumbai.

"We will reach the young target groups in the urban centers of Africa and Asia with well told and modern visual stories that are solution-oriented," explained DW Director of Programming Gerda Meuer. 

Also new to the Monday through Friday broadcast schedule is the 13-minute "Arts and Culture" broadcast, hosted by Karin Helmstaedt and Robin Merrill. Covering culture events in Germany, Europe and the wider world, the show takes on the latest topics in the art world, including the discussion about the restitution of colonial artifacts in museums and the influence of women artists and musicians in predominantly male-dominated industries. 

On weekends, the Euromaxx culture program will air with unique segments on arts, culture and design from around Europe. Two new celebrity hosts, soon to be announced, will be moderating the 26-minute show.

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Christoph Jumpelt

Christoph Jumpelt

Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson

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