DW reporters in comprehensive e-car test | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 01.08.2016
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DW reporters in comprehensive e-car test

German carmakers have been investing heavily in the development of electric cars. Our DW reporters Christian Roman (left) and Joachim Eggers tested various electric vehicles on the road in Germany.

DW reporters from "Made in Germany" tested a number of electric cars from German auto makers to find out how difficult it really is to get from A to B without any major glitches, given that e-mobility is still in its infancy.

Christian Roman and Joachim Eggers didn't take long to realize that finding a charging station would be one of the biggest issues accompanying them on the road. And even if they found one, the recharging process was anything but easy, they reported.

What they enjoyed, though, was that the cars they were riding weren't making any noise. The electric vehicles they'd been given for testing purposes weren't very fast, but that was OK with our guys, they said, even if they' were overtaken by almost everyone on the nation's highways (the Autobahn network).

2,500 kilometers to go

Over the next couple of days, Christian and Joachim will share with us their e-mobility adventure, and they'll have lots to show us in terms of video footage.

To give you an idea of their trave route, here's their itinerary:

From Berlin to Munich in a VW E-up car;

From Munich to Stuttgart in a BMW i3:

Touring Stuttgart in an E-Smart;

From Stuttgart to Wolfsburg in an eDrive (Mercedes;

And finally, back to Berlin in VW E-Golf.