DW pundits seek redemption in Bundesliga week four picks | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 17.09.2010
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DW pundits seek redemption in Bundesliga week four picks

This season, the DW Sports team are predicting the results of all Bundesliga matches. After a bumpy first three rounds, they'll try to get it together this week.

Tea leaves in a cup next to a footballer's leg.

Crystal balls and Tarot having failed us, we'll give tea leaves a go

Match day four in the Bundesliga is upon us, and DW's team of football freaks are plotting their comeback...or hoping that when it comes to picks, it's a case of four is fantastic.

The prediction squad has taken a hit from all the upsets thus far (see our results at the bottom of the page). But still we rise.

Friday, September 18


Freiburg have looked much better this year than last and have shown they can win away. But after a sputtering start, Frankfurt got back on track last week and have enough drive going forward to exploit their opponents' weakness at the back.

Prediction: Frankfurt 2-0

Saturday, September 18

Thomas Mueller

Cologne will hope to see this Mueller - not the celebratory one

Bayern Munich-Cologne

No secret about the Billy Goats' strategy here – pack it in in their own half, frustrate Franck Ribery and hope for a draw. With Bayern perhaps having tired legs from the Champions League, Cologne's plan has a chance of working. But something tells me Thomas Mueller has found his rhythm again, and as he showed on Wedsnesday, he can manufacture goals from nothing.

Prediction: Bayern 2-0

Werder Bremen-Mainz

This is just the sort of match profligate Bremen often lose, and what's not to like about this year's plucky, well-organized Mainz squad? Unfortunately for the latter, though, I think the now-confirmed news that wunderkind Andre Schuerrle is headed to Leverkusen next season will prove to be a distraction.

Prediction: Bremen 3-1


This is a case of the underachieving taking on the unpredictable. Stuttgart have been a mess this season, especially on defense, and are coming off only two days rest. Gladbach have been up and down but have already tripped up one big club at home. Methinks they split the points.

Prediction: 1-1 draw


There's one team here still looking for its first points, and it's not Hanover. The 96ers are undefeated, and their two wins, while close, have been deserved. For the Wolves, who are miles ahead talent-wise, this will be a test of whether they have faith in new coach Steve McClaren. I think the result will be indecisive.

Prediction: 2-2 draw.


As Bayern found out two weeks ago, never underestimate Lautern's home field advantage. But I like what I've seen from Hoffenheim this season. They're more disciplined than in the past and look like they're on a mission to prove the doubters wrong. And they simply have too much attacking firepower for the Red Devils.

Prediction: Hoffenheim 2-1

Sunday, September 19

St. Pauli-Hamburg

St. Pauli fans

St. Pauli fans will hope their outlaw act intimidates their city rivals

Of the true city derbies in German football, this one is the best. On paper, Pauli are completely overmatched against Hamburg. But that's on paper. Taking to the field in Millerntor stadium with AC/DC's Hell's Bells ringing in your ears is something that can impress even the likes of Ruud van Nistelrooy. And somewhere within all that ringing I hear the sound of an upset.

Prediction: St. Pauli 2-1


Could things get any worse for Schalke? They're on a bad losing streak, and now they get a visit their bitterest rivals, who are off to a good start. But I'm not writing off Schalke just yet, and I think two extra days rest will help them sneak a point.

Prediction: 1-1 draw


Leverkusen have lived up to their reputation as one of the Bundesliga's least consistent teams and will have Thursday's Europa Cup match weighing down their legs. But I think Nuremberg will be thrown off by the loss of their best striker, Albert Bunjaku, to injury for the rest of the year.

Prediction: Leverkusen 3-0

Last week's result: 6 points

Hoffenheim – Schalke 2:0
(DW Prediction 1:1, no points)

Dortmund - Wolfsburg 2:0
(DW Prediction 2:0, three points)

Hamburg - Nuremberg 1:1
(DW Prediction 3:1, no points)

Gladbach - Frankfurt 0:4
(DW Prediction 2:1, no points)

Freiburg - Stuttgart 2:1
(DW Prediction 1:3, no points)

Hanover - Leverkusen 2:2
(DW Prediction 2:3, no points)

Bayern Munich - Bremen 0:0
(DW Prediction 4:2, no points)

Mainz - Kaiserlautern 2:1
(DW Prediction 2:1, three points)

Cologne - St. Pauli 1:0
(DW Prediction 1:1, no points)

Total for the season: 15

Three points for a correct score prediction
Two points for a correct margin prediction
One point for a correct winner prediction

Author: Jefferson Chase
Editor: Matt Hermann