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DW News Africa with Eddy Micah Jr. Thursday , May 9, 2024

May 9, 2024

It's boom time in Cameroon - but crisis in Ghana: What does the price of cocoa in West Africa mean for the chocolate the world craves? Plus: Will the result be democracy, or more dynasty? Chadians vote in their first presidential elections since their ruler seized power - and the region was shaken by a rash of military takeovers. And, we talk to the Cameroonian innovator Contimi Kenfack Mouafo.

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About the show

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DW News Africa

DW News Africa is a weekly show that takes a deep dive into the stories and issues people are talking about across the continent. Join Eddy Micah Jr, Christine Mhundwa, Tomi Oladipo and Raheela Mohamed every weekend.