DW documentary #MyEscape wins best documentary in Prix Europa | News | DW | 22.10.2016
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DW documentary #MyEscape wins best documentary in Prix Europa

The documentary series, a joint production by WDR and Deutsche Welle, shows the ordeals migrants face in their long, perilous journeys from the Middle East and Africa to Europe.

Organizers of the Prix Europa awarded #MyEscape with the best documentary for depicting the struggles of asylum seekers. The #MyEscape series gives a face and identity to people who were - and some of whom still are - stranded at Europe's external borders and looking for a safe life and a better future for themselves and their children.

Nearly 900,000 refugees fleeing war, conflict and poverty in Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia, Eritrea and many more countries came to Germany last year. Most of them undertook dangerous journeys, crossing the Mediterranean or Aegean seas in rickety boats or walking long distances on foot to reach western Europe.

21.01.2016 DW Doku MyEscape Team

The #MyEscape team

Many of these refugees recorded their voyages through their mobile phones. For #MyEscape, these videos were edited and converted into films by Berlin Producers, German public broadcaster WDR and Deutsche Welle.

The Prix Europa, which was awarded on Friday evening, is the biggest award for television, radio and online productions. Prizes are awarded in 13 categories with winners receiving 6,000 euros ($6,530). This year, 231 productions from 24 European countries entered the competition.

The German-Icelandic joint production "Trapped" won the best television series for this year. Norway's "Nobel" won the prize for the best television drama. The Franco-German channel "Arte" received the Lifetime Achievement Award for promoting intercultural dialog.

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