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DW Akademie MILEN Themen-Header
Media and Information Literacy (MIL)
The Cambodian approach
The Moldovan view
Listen to audio 00:52

We need independent and impartial media!

On a mission to promote independent media. Listen to Nadine Gogu, director of the Independent Journalism Center, Moldova  

The Ugandan way
The Georgian access
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Discover truth youself!

Development of technologies allowed to spread the news and to manipulate contents simultaneously. It’s often difficult to distinguish quality media product from falsified one. In Georgia the Media Development Foundation (MDF) is trying to enhance young people’s critical thinking. Listen to Tamar Kinturashvili, executive direktor of MDF.  


Media and Information Literacy Expert Network

MILEN is....

a global network of experts, empowers people & communities to make informed choises, promotes critical thinking, advocates MIL at policy level, provides practical solutions, critical thinking enables citizens to hold media to account, creating critical media content, empowers citizens, giving everybody equal communities to make their voices heard, an accountable and transparent network working on promoting freedom of expression and access to information for all.


The Indian perspective
Listen to audio 01:08

Imagine every household in India is digitally literate!

In 2000, Osama Manzar began his mission to eradicate information poverty from India using digital tools.  

The Brazilian way
The Latin American approach
Listen to audio 00:58

Digital inclusion of marginalized communities! Eddie Ávila:

"Rising voices" promotes the digital inclusion of marginalized communities. Listen to "Rising its director Eddie Ávila:  

Example from Netherlands