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Palästinensische Autonomiegebiete | Junge Menschen (PYALARA)

Award for PYALARA: 'MIL is a way of life'

Myth Detector Lab in Georgien (MDF/Tina Gogoladze)

Busting myths in the Georgian media

Petrina Mathews und Opeyemi Toriola (DW Akademie/MiLLi)

Video contest spreads MIL awareness in Ghana and Namibia

Moldawien | Lehrer nehmen Teil an Medienkompetenz- und Informationstraining (Leonid Bzovii)

Five tips for teaching MIL

Video-Still „Klikbejt“ (Clickbait) (DW Akademie)

Serbian YouTubers speak up in 'Klikbejt' music video

In Focus

Media and Information Literacy (MIL)

Media and Information Literacy (MIL) is defined as the ability to access, analyze, create and reflect on media. It is a prerequisite for citizens to claim their rights to freedom of information and expression. DW Akademie creates innovative projects that promote these rights and empower people to understand and use media responsibly. Find out more about our MIL activities around the world.

Watch video 00:35

'Youth Meets Media' in Myanmar

Bao Ngoc Anh from Vietnam explains what she found most interesting at "Youth Meets Media" — the regional Media and Information Literacy conference held in Yangon, Myanmar. A group of 60 youth from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar participated in a range of activities and discussions.  

Watch video 04:08

Youth answer: How has MIL changed your life?

From being able to identify biased journalism to finding the confidence to express yourself, there are many ways in which media and information literacy can positively impact our lives. MILEN member Alexandre Amaral was at the Global MIL Week Youth Agenda Forum in Sweden and asked young people the question: "How has MIL changed your life?"  

Watch video 02:11

Klikbejt: Serbian creators speak their mind

Eight creators are causing a sensation in Serbia with a catchy new song. But "Klikbejt" is more than just a well-produced music video. It's an inspired critique of the toxic aspects of YouTube, including hate speech, harassment, fake news and advertising. The video was created as a part of DW Akademie's "Young Media" project in Serbia.