DW Akademie | September 2012 | Media Development | DW | 14.09.2012
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Media Development

DW Akademie | September 2012

Overview of DW Akademie's current international media projects.

• Armenia, Erivan
Tourism - Opportunities and Challenges: Workshop for TV journalists.

• Bolivia, Oruro/Sucre
Consulting services on organization development and programming for the PIO XII and Aclo radio stations.

• Colombia, Barranquilla/Cartagena/Santa Marta
Local Radio: Consulting and training at the urban radio stations Vokaribe, Colective and Voces.

• Egypt, Cairo
Online Journalism: Workshop for lecturers at the Cairo University's media faculty.

• Germany, Berlin/Hannover
Multimedia Sports Reporting: Workshop for journalists from Jordan, Senegal, South Africa and Germany.

• Germany, Bonn
Cross-cultural and journalism workshop for Indian journalists.

• Mexico, Mexico City
Journalism workshop for television reporters at Capital 21.

• Morocco, Marrakesh/Fes
Responsibility in the Blogosphere: Multimedia workshops for bloggers and online journalists.

• Pakistan, Islamabad
Children's TV: Hands-on workshop for journalism lecturers from the Pashtun border areas.

• Palestinian Territories
Organizing digital archive systems.

• Peru, Lima
TV Formats: Workshop for staff at Perú.televisión.

• Tunisia, Menzel Bourgiba
Political Reporting: Planning and on-hands workshop at the Oxygène FM radio station.

• Tunisia, Tunis
New Media Technology: Restoring archive material.

• Togo, Lomé
Reporting on Current Affairs: Workshop for radio journalists from Benin and Togo.