DW-AKADEMIE | Quality Management Certification | Newsletter | DW | 14.09.2010
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DW-AKADEMIE | Quality Management Certification

DW-AKADEMIE’s quality management system has been certified to meet the international standard ISO 9001. The ISO certificate assures DW-AKADEMIE’s partners, clients and sponsors of the quality of its services.


Improving services and assuring quality – that defines DW-AKADEMIE’s quality management system (QMS). The system makes it possible to verify the success of DW-AKADEMIE services, and aids in designing them for the long term. The ISO 9001 certification is an internationally-recognized appraisal scale. “DW-AKADEMIE developed its QMS system with the goal of justifying its claim to be a leading institution for international media development cooperation,” says Gerda Meuer, director of DW-AKADEMIE. “The ISO certification provides objective proof of this.”

DW-AKADEMIE’s quality goals are oriented around customer and participant expectations regarding consultations and workshops, and also around the expectations of clients and partners. These goals are continually reviewed. DW-AKADEMIE trainers also play a central role and are chosen according to clear and objective criteria. In addition, all trainers and project managers have been trained on the QMS.

“All staff members have to know their tasks and how to perform them. Our quality management system documents and monitors these processes and now has an internationally recognized quality seal,” says Karl Lippe, DW-AKADEMIE’s quality control manager. He headed the development of the QMS system and will continue to refine it.

Another important component of DW-AKADEMIE’s certified quality management is project evaluation. Director Gerda Meuer: “Participant satisfaction is an important indicator of the quality of our services.” The evaluation system rests on three pillars. Firstly, participant satisfaction is ascertained at the end of a workshop. A year later the participants are surveyed on the project’s lasting effect and impact. In addition, the trainers are annually surveyed on how they see the quality and effectiveness of the projects. The survey results are statistically evaluated and together produce a series of indicators. Using these as the basis, DW-AKADEMIE project quality can be further refined.