DW Akademie | November 2012 | Media Development | DW | 14.11.2012
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Media Development

DW Akademie | November 2012

Overview of DW Akademie's current international development projects

• Afghanistan, Kabul
Learning is fun! Children's TV: Workshop for television journalists at RTA, Kabul.

• Armena, Gyumri
Health reporting for television.

• Bolivia, Cochabamba
Local reporting: Workshop for university instructors of journalism and mass communications.

• Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
Mutual perceptions: Workshop for online, radio and TV journalists.

• Cambodia, Phnom Penh
Social inclusion of people with disabilities: Workshop on local television reporting in cooperation with the Women's Media Center.

• Cameroon, Yaoundé
Media dialog for journalists from Germany and Cameroon.

• Colombia, Barranquilla/Cartagena/Santa Marta
Local radio: Consulting and training at the urban radio stations Vokaribe, Colective and Voces.

• DR Congo, Bukavu
Conflict-sensitive journalism in the Great Lakes region: In-house training at Radio Neno la Uzima.

• Egypt, Cairo
Radio and video training for citizen journalists from Syria.

• Egypt, Cairo
Youth radio for Yemen: Journalism basics and ethical standards for reporters.

• Egypt, Cairo
Political reporting: Management training and online journalism workshops for the RNN citizen journalists' network.

• Egypt, Cairo
Workshop on online journalism for students at the German University in Cairo.

• Egypt, Cairo
Election reporting and political communications: Workshop on the fundamentals of video journalism in cooperation with the Egyptian Journalists' Association.

• Georgia, Tbilisi
Conflict-sensitive reporting: Workshop for journalists from various types of media.

• Germany, Bonn
Digital television reporting: Training for Kosovan journalists from the partner station Radiotelevizioni i Kosovës (RTK).

• Germany, Bonn
Workshop for Russian media managers from various television stations.

• Ghana, Western Region and Central Region
In-house training for the regional broadcasters Aseda FM in Takoradi, Max FM in Enchi, De Beat FM in Sefwi-Asawinso and Golden Star FM in Agona Swedru.

• Ghana, Upper East Region
Co-production in cooperation with the local broadcasters Radio Builsa in Sandema and Radio Gurune in Bolgatanga.

• Iraq, Erbil
Video journalism training for reporters from the news agency Aswat al-Iraq.

• Kenya, Nairobi
Education and Information Programming for East Africa: Workshop on children's television programming with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

• Laos, Vientiane
Developing teaching materials: Workshop for instructors of mass communications at Lao National University.

• Moldova, Chisinau
Supporting the reform process at Teleradio Moldova: Workshop for the main news show's presenters, journalists, camera operators, graphic designers and set designers.

• Moldova, Chisinau
Developing trust: Workshop on multimedia reporting for journalists from Moldova and Transnistria.

• Mozambique, Maputo
Local reporting: Workshop for television hosts and video journalists at Televisao Independente de Mocambique (TIM).

• Mozambique, Maputo
Budget reporting: Workshop for print, radio and television journalists on analyzing and contextualizing government spending.

• Myanmar, Yangon
Workshop on TV journalism basics conducted in cooperation with the Myanmar Media Development Center (MMDC).

• Namibia, Oshakati
Local reporting: In-house training and coaching at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) regional studio.

• Namibia, Windhoek
Regional course in marketing for journalists from Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

• Namibia, Windhoek
Local reporting: Coaching in management and marketing for journalists from community radio station BASE FM based in Katutura Township.

• Namibia, Windhoek
Regional train-the-trainer course for journalists and media managers from Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and South Africa.

• Nicaragua, Managua
Online workshop for students of environmental journalism at Universidad de Managua.

• Pakistan, Islamabad
Management and archiving seminar at the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC).

• Pakistan, Islamabad
Video for the Web: Workshop for journalists from the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC).

• Rwanda, Kigali
Conflict-sensitive journalism in the Great Lakes region: In-house training at Radio Isango Star.

• Serbia, Belgrade
Online workshop for journalists from various local media at the OSCE Mission's media center.

• Tajikistan, Dushanbe
Media support for Central Asia: Workshop on program development and presenting at Asia Plus.

• Tanzania, Dar es Salaam
Making Finance Work for Africa: Radio and online workshop on business reporting.

• Tanzania, Zanzibar
Education and Information Programming for East Africa: Training for journalists fromthe Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

• Tunisia, Tunis/Tataouine/Hammamet
Election reporting and political communications: In-house training for Télévision Tunisienne, Radio Tunisienne, Radio Tataouine and Cap FM.

• Zambia, Lusaka
Education and Information Programming for East Africa: Workshop on children's television programming with MUVI TV.