DW Akademie | June 2012 | Media Development | DW | 14.06.2012
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Media Development

DW Akademie | June 2012

Overview of DW Akademie's current international development projects

• Armenia, Erivan
Political Communication: Workshop for journalists, spokespersons and politicians.

• Afghanistan, Kabul
Learning by Ear: Workshop for technicians and narrators.

• Afghanistan, Kabul
Responsibility and Objectivity: Live reporting from conflict zones; workshop for radio journalists. In cooperation with Ariana FM.

• Colombia, Cartagena/Barranquilla
Local Journalism Basics: Workshop for journalists from local radio and TV stations in the Colombian Caribbean region, and for journalists from the national public television broadcaster.

• Germany, Berlin
African Stories - Reporting Germany: African television journalists and German
opinion leaders discuss their experiences.

• Georgia, Batumi
Reporting on Tourism: Workshop for television journalists.

• Ghana, Kumasi
Election Reporting: Information programs for local broadcasters.

• Guatemala, Guatemala City
"Radio Joven": Developing youth programs with young people working at radio stations, youth organizations and NGOs.

• Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
Summer Academy: Start of the annual Central Asian school of contemporary journalism.

• Libya, Bengasi
Election Reporting: Workshop for radio journalists working at Bengasi FM and Radio Shabab.

• Moldova, Vadul lui Voda
Developing Trust: Production workshop for radio and TV journalists from Moldova and Transnistria.

• Mozambique, Maputo
Local Reporting: Workshop for radio journalists.

• Myanmar, Yangoon
Train the Trainer: Workshop for the Myanmar Media Development Center (MMDC) training institute.

• Nicaragua, Managua
Environmental Journalism: Online workshop for participants in the environmental journalism degree program at the Universidad de Managua.

• Palestinian Autonomous Area, Nablus
Citizen-oriented Television: Developing an educational channel at the An-Najah University.

• Russia, Moscow
Completion of the "Reporting on Minorities" radio workshop series; awards ceremony at the closing celebrations with the cooperation partner, Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting (FNR).

• Serbia, Nis and Kragujevac
Workshop for online journalists at the Media Department of the OSCE Mission to Serbia.

• Tanzania, Zanzibar
Educational and Information Programs for East Africa: News training for the news department at the Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

• Tunisia, Tunis, Hammamet and Tataouine
Election Reporting for Radio: Training in cooperation with Radio Tunisienne-RTCI, Express FM, Cap FM and Radio Tataouine.

• Turkey, Istanbul
Multimedia Cultural Reporting: Workshop for journalism students at the Istanbul University.

• Uganda, Kampala
Children's Television: Workshop on training creativity and developing formats; for freelance producers and editors at the NTV and WBS commercial stations.

• Ukraine, Donetsk
Reporting EURO 2012: Workshop for journalists from former Soviet Union countries.

• Vietnam, Hanoi
Network Technologies: Workshop for engineers and technicians from Bangladesh, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam; in cooperation with Voice of Vietnam (VOV).