DW Akademie in Ukraine | Europe/Central Asia | DW | 12.06.2018
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Europe/Central Asia

DW Akademie in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the DW Akademie is committed to achieving diversity of opinion and balanced reporting by building up public broadcasting, training journalists and teaching them skills they need as professionals.

In 2018, Ukraine moved up one notch in the Press Freedom Index of Reporters Without Borders. Nevertheless, neither media pluralism nor real freedom of the press exist in Ukraine. Television and social networks produce either Russian propaganda or Ukrainian counter-propaganda. The transition from state to public broadcasting is a lengthy process, and the remaining national TV stations are still owned by Ukrainian oligarchs. Ukrainian journalists censor themselves more then ever since the murder of investigative journalist Pavel Sheremt in July 2016.

In Ukraine, mass media are not able to serve as a watchdog of democratic society. Consequently, people there often become victims of disinformation. Opportunities to participate in public dialogue are extremely limited. Moreover, the Ukrainian population's faith in national media is dwindling. Civil society groups and citizen journalists are becoming increasingly important, especially with regard to the far reaching failure of the fourth estate.

Our activities

Together with local partner organizations, DW Akademie is trying to tackle the mentioned problems by training people and networking. Since 2014, DW Akademie has been running the Ukrainian Media E-School (UMES) in Kyiv together with the media association Independent Association of Broadcasters (IAB). Journalists and media managers can take part in the training courses at UMES. Since 2017, the media management program has opened its doors to media professionals from other countries of the Eastern Partnership. In close a cooperation with the largest Ukrainian news site Ukrayinska Pravda, DW Akademie runs the School for Business Journalism in Kyiv. Together with the DW Akademie, the citizen journalism initiative "Nakipelo" from Kharkiv provides training and brings together Ukrainian citizen journalists and community media to strengthen the fourth estate. Together with the Academy of the Ukrainian Press, DW Akademie fosters the media literacy of young adults in southeastern Ukraine.

Since 2014, the DW Akademie has also been helping the Ukrainian state broadcaster UA:PBC transition into a public service broadcaster. This is happening at national and regional level. Together with BBC Media Action and NIRAS, DW Akademie is building a cross-media news center for public service broadcasting. It is equipped with the latest technology. Also, DW Akademie advises UA:PBC on organizational development and helps structure the Academy for Public Media, which trains and educates journalists. The project is supported by European Commission and the German Federal Foreign Office (AA).

Together with Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Ukrainian public broadcaster UA:PBC, DW Akademie runs the project "Decentralization, locally narrated". A newly developed national program on television informs the population about the topic of decentralization. The broadcasts are put together by regional stations in Ukraine and shed light on topics like education, health and citizen participation.

Funding: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), German Federal Foreign Office (AA), European Commission (EU) and Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Country Manager: Dr. Kyryl Savin

Locations: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Cherkasy, Ternopil, southeastern regions of Ukraine

Local Partners: Ukrainian public service broadcasting company UA:PBC, Independent Association of Broadcasters (IAB), Ukrainska Prawda, citizen’s initiative “Nakipelo”, Academy of the Ukrainian Press (AUP), Odessa ImpactHub, Alumni association UMES, Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers, media-NGO “Detektor Media”, Association of Independent Regional Press Publishers, Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU)

Main focus: Qualification and education of journalists, media management, business journalism, civic engagement, (local) participatory media services and community media, Media and Information Literacy (MIL), professionalization and networks in journalism

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