DW Akademie in the Palestinian Territories | Middle East/North Africa | DW | 12.06.2018
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Middle East/North Africa

DW Akademie in the Palestinian Territories

In the Palestinian Territories, media literacy is an issue for the future. In their politically heated environment, young people need to view the media critically in order to be able to form an opinion.

Young Palestinians benefit from digital change. It has never been so easy for them to publicly express their opinions and exchange views. Social media also offer opportunities beyond geographic borders. On the other hand, digital media poses new risks. Israel's secret service, Hamas and the Palestinian National Authority have started to monitor online activities. In this conflicted environment, it means that young Palestinians are under observation from three sides. Privacy and the protection of private data are in danger. Ill considered actions on the web have a negative impact on young people in real life. Many Palestinians are arrested or fined for their posts and messages on the internet.

Women in particular are affected by the negative side of digital communication. An increasing number of young women have become victims of digital violence and cyber blackmailing. The conservative forces in Palestinian society are exacerbating the problem. The victims are often portrayed as offenders and thus, become outsiders.

Our activities

The DW Akademie project helps civil society organizations spread media and information literacy (MIL) programs focusing on digital security, privacy and combating gender based violence in the West Bank and Gaza. The youth organization Pyalara has been established as a national and regional MIL competence center. Together with Pyalara, DW Akademie is working towards making MIL a standard subject in school curricula.

The project team maintains close contact with the Ministry of Education and works closely with teachers and students from ten schools in the West Bank and Gaza.

The partner organizations 7amleh (Ramallah, Haifa), TAM (Bethlehem) and Al-Saraya (East Jerusalem) receive support to raise young people's awareness of privacy and security on the internet. The organizations develop learning packages for them. Conferences, lectures and campaigns are organized to raise public awareness of digital security and gender based violence.


Funding: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Country coordinator: Verena Wendisch

Locations: Jaba, Saffa, Nileen, Kufr Nima, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Ostjerusalem, Gaza-City

Local partners: Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation (Pyalara), 7amleh, TAM, Al-Saraya, Radio Nisaa, Mada

Main focus: Civic engagement, media and information literacy, digital security

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