DW Akademie in Jordan and neighboring countries | Middle East/North Africa | DW | 12.06.2018
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Middle East/North Africa

DW Akademie in Jordan and neighboring countries

Digitization is an opportunity and a risk. It also raises questions: Where can I find free information? How do I consume the media critically? DW Akademie meets the challenge in Jordan and its neighboring countries.

Jordan has a very young population. The influx of 650,000 Syrian refugees has increased the already high percentage of young people. As a result of limited financial resources, tensions and conflicts arise between the local population and the refugees. Social media offer the younger generation new ways of exchanging of information and opinions, regardless of national borders.

At the same time, state surveillance and systems of social control now restrict the new digital spaces. New risks regarding personal rights and private data security online arise, as authorities in many countries arrest and punish citizens for their online activities. Political movements systematically abuse social networks for their purposes and in some cases, young people are publicly condemned for their comments on the internet.

Our activities

DW Akademie helps young people in Jordan and its neighboring countries to navigate online spaces in a critical and constructive manner. They are encouraged to shape societal debate. Together with the partner organizations 7iber, Social Media Exchange (SMEX) and 7amleh, a transnational and loose network is being created in Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. The network aims to enable young people to engage in a safe, critical examination of media content. The protection of online privacy plays a special role. The topics are communicated in campaigns, hackerspaces and materials specifically tailored for young people.

In northern Jordan, DW Akademie supports the Family and Childhood Protection Society conduct its media literacy courses for students. The subject is expected gain more exposure and be implemented nationwide, step by step.

With its partner Leaders of Tomorrow, DW Akademie promotes dialogue between young people from Syria and Jordan. A special focus is put on creative formats, such as role plays.

In a parallel project funded by the German Foreign Office (AA), DW Akademie promotes access to practical information for Jordanian job seekers and refugees. They use the web to find job offers and prepare applications, and to develop and promote their own projects. The project is run in cooperation with the NGO Future Pioneers.


Funding: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), German Federal Foreign Office (AA),

Country coordinator: Chi Viet Giang

Locations: Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories

Local partners: 7iber, Leaders of Tomorrow, Family and Childhood Protection Society, Future Pioneers, Social Media Exchange (SMEX), 7amleh

Main focus: Civic engagement, media and information literacy, digital safety, access to information

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