DW-AKADEMIE | Commentary on the EU’s new development policy | Newsletter | DW | 14.02.2011
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DW-AKADEMIE | Commentary on the EU’s new development policy

The European Union (EU) aims to redefine its development policy by the end of 2011. DW-AKADEMIE is actively following this process and has initiated a commentary on media and development.


Effectively and economically supporting developing countries so that they can sustainably improve people’s living conditions – this is to be the goal of Europe’s future development policy. A DW-AKADEMIE commentary regarding the EU’s Green Paper on development policy states the role the media can play in this process. DW-AKADEMIE’s contribution to the debate has been signed by other European media development institutions including the BBC World Service Trust, the International Institute for Journalism (IIJ), the Swedish Fojo Media Institute and the Radio Netherlands Training Centre (RNTC). With its Green Paper on development policy, the EU has initiated a consultation process at the European level. Involved in the debate are stakeholders from the fields of politics and civil society.

11.2009 DW-AKADEMIE Medienentwicklung Europa/Zentralasien Tadschikistan Presserat 2009

“Free and independent media have a positive effect on many areas and can support development processes as well as critically accompany them,” says Patrick Leusch, head of DW-AKADEMIE’s Project Development division and author of the commentary. “The future direction of EU development policy focuses on economic growth that creates jobs; on the effective use of funds; on the rule of law and good governance. In all these areas free and independent media are the most important social control factor.” That’s why, says Leusch, media development must be part of a sustainable European development policy.

The DW-AKADEMIE commentary on media and sustainable development will now be published by the EU and become part of the on-going discussion. A White Paper on the new strategic focus of EU development policy is to be released at the end of 2011. DW-AKADEMIE will continue to actively follow its formation.

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