DW-AKADEMIE: 2009 Annual Report | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 22.06.2010
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DW-AKADEMIE: 2009 Annual Report

The DW-AKADEMIE 2009 Annual Report has been released. For the first time, it includes the world map “Development and the Media” with important parameters for worldwide media development.


On June 22 DW-AKADEMIE releases its 2009 Annual Report in German and English. The report provides an overview of its activities in the areas of media development, media training, its Master’s Degree Program and traineeships.

A new feature is the world map, “Development and the Media”, designed by DW-AKADEMIE. It will be updated annually and depicts the essential parameters for planning and conducting media development projects. This map, for the first time, provides an overview of the relationship between human development and freedom of the press around the world. It also points out political circumstances and the use of the Internet in selected countries where DW-AKADEMIE conducts projects. The map also points to all countries in which DW-AKADEMIE conducted projects in 2009.

The printed annual report will be available in German and English as of June 22, and will be released in Spanish in July. For inquiries please contact:

Deutsche Welle
53110 Bonn

The report can also be downloaded as a pdf file on the link below.

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