Dresden, Smart Cars, Spelling and Deutsche Marks | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 09.03.2006
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Dresden, Smart Cars, Spelling and Deutsche Marks

DW-WORLD.DE readers this week commented on a TV movie about the bombing of Dresden, Germany's spelling reform and the defunct deutsche mark. Many US readers also can't wait for Smart cars to arrive.


Dresden's Frauenkirche was destroyed in World War II, but reopened last year

The following comments reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD.DE reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.


My mother and her family were in Dresden when it was bombed. She has been very damaged by the experience and cannot talk about it to this day. She is 78 years old. I think it is a brave attempt to try and break the taboo on a very controversial issue and I don't think there is an easy way to do it. It may not be as painful for a younger generation. -- Roger Morton , Britain

I think the producers would have done a better service if they had raised the topic in everybody's mind -- the question whether it was a war crime. -- Rom Gayoso , US

Die Frauenkirche in Dresden Panorama Elbe

Dresden's skyline

A very well made movie, technically. What was not so convincing was the plot: A great love story, but a historical flop. It demonstrates that it is still hard to come to terms with Germany's Nazi past and the evil that Hitler's madness unleashed in Europe and the world. -- glenn_lea

Smart car

I believe that smart cars will become popular in America. The American car-buying attitude seems to be shifting towards the smaller cars. Also I seem to notice a large number of people complaining about the price of gas... as they fill up their SUV. -- John Nathan Dallas, Texas US

mig grafik smart

Germany's alternative to stretch limos

I am amazed at your article about Smart cars, which seems to equate the American market with the whole North American market. Your reporter seems to not know that Smart cars have been on sale in Canada for at least one year. Next time, your reporter should know the subject more thoroughly before writing a USA-centric story. -- Charles Belair

My wife and I drove a Smart in England while on holiday there for two weeks. We love the vehicle. I hope you do introduce it in the US market and soon. We'd place an order for one as soon as we found out it will be available. -- Steve Cummings

I'm waiting for my local dealer to start selling them. I've even cleared out a few feet in my garage to accommodate the diminutive little beast. -- Carl Tipp

Smart mit Katze Grisu

They also come as convertibles

What young girl would not want this car? I am 29 years old and I think this car is perfect. It's cute, eco-friendly, and just trendy. It's like the pink razor phone -- every girl in America is going to want one. -- Erica Smith

It would catch on here if it were inexpensive enough to be attractive and gasoline went to $1/liter. Otherwise it will just be a trendy and expensive toy for an urban elite. -- Joel Jaronson

Spelling reform

What's wrong with the old way of spelling? Compared to the spelling in English, it's so easy. It would be much better to worry about something really important and actually do something to improve things like the economy and national debt. -- Trudy Miller

Schüler üben die neue Rechtschreibung

German kids have been learning to cope with changing spelling rules

It is a waste of time and effort. It will only confuse old and young. Leave it alone. -- Gretel Oxwang

The mere idea of a spelling reform raises many issues. Firstly, what exactly was wrong with the old spelling rules? Were they causing misunderstandings? There does not seem sufficient justification for something with such wide implications, since it is very difficult to change the habits of a lifetime (and start spelling differently). This German spelling reform appears to be a major structural change and so I believe it is doomed to failure, and at the very least will encounter much resistance. -- A. Jajoo

Deutsche mark

Of course I still have a few of them around the house or at the bank. One never knows the day I may return to Germany again. -- Philip Ohmes

DM-Scheine und Euro

Some still prefer deutsche marks (left) to euros

I have just over 1,000 deutsche marks in both bills and coins. I will be keeping them as I have no intention of turning them in, unless the Bundesbank sets up a branch in this country. Besides, I prefer having a currency that actually has some value and -- for me -- some meaning. -- Bill Ogle

I am still in possession of good old deutsche marks and I am still sad about the fact that we were once forced to exchange it in unloved euros. -- Albrecht Steimer

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  • Date 09.03.2006
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