Dresden – Baroque Jewel on the Elbe River | On Tour | DW | 04.05.2015
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On Tour

Dresden – Baroque Jewel on the Elbe River

Dresden is often called "Florence on the Elbe" - thanks to its scenic location, magnificent Baroque architecture and rich cultural heritage.

Zwinger Palace in Dresden

Zwinger Palace in Dresden

Augustus the Strong played a key role in shaping the face of Dresden in the early 18th century. He commissioned magnificent Baroque buildings - such as the Zwinger Palace - one of Dresden's most famous landmarks. Others include the Church of Our Lady, the Brühl Terrace and the Fürstenzug, or Procession of Princes, the world's largest ceramic mural. Dresden is also home to some world-class museums, including the Albertinum art museum, which houses the city's sculpture collection and the New Masters Gallery, which features works by Gerhard Richter. And visitors shouldn't miss the opportunity to take a trip along the river in a traditional paddle steamer.

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