Dresden - A Baroque City in Advent | Discover Germany | DW | 14.12.2013
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Discover Germany

Dresden - A Baroque City in Advent

For more than two and a half million tourists in the pre-Christmas season, Dresden's Striezelmarkt is a major attraction. It's named for a pastry called "Striezel”, a forerunner of the Dresden Christmas Stollen.

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The famous Christmas fruit cake is baked here right before visitors' eyes. Children can knead the dough for their own cookies as well. The Striezelmarkt offers a host of traditional products. Wooden pyramids, incense burning figurines and nutcrackers from the Erzgebirge mountains are especially popular as souvenirs.



It would take weeks to see all of Dresden's art treasures. The palace alone houses 15 different museums with exhibits collected by the rulers of Saxony over the course of five centuries. In the Albertinum, the diverse collections ranging from antiquity to the modern era can be seen under one roof. Bearing in mind the Yuletide message of peace, a visit to the Bundeswehr's Military History Museum can also certainly be recommended.